Covering forestry, communication, leadership, and baseball.

Forest Finance Simplified, 6th Edition, 2018.

Forest Finance Simplified distills forest finance themes into a question-and-answer format for those who want an accessible reference or introduction to forest management decision-making and timber investments.

Aunt Fanny Learns Forestry: Managing Timberland as an Investment, 2015

Aunt Fanny Learns Forestry highlights the key obligations, risks and metrics for owning and managing timberland investments.

Wood for Bioenergy: Forests as a Resource for Biomass and Biofuels (co-authored with Amanda Lang), 2012.

Today, as much of the world seeks to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, energy companies and nations alike are turning once again to our oldest renewable energy resource- wood. But using wood for bioenergy and biofuels is not without its issues.

Beaverball: A (Winning) Season with the MIT Baseball Team. 2009

Beaverball reminds us of the impact that coaches, parents, and teachers have on developing human potential and leadership skills. If you love baseball, manage people, or want to be inspired, this book is for you.

Loving Trees is Not Enough: Communication Skills for Natural Resource Professionals, 2006.

Successful natural resource professionals communicate well. They inspire others, create cooperation between colleagues, advocate ideas, educate students, negotiate contracts, and conduct interviews. This book introduces and reinforces fundamental communications skills for anyone pursuing a career in natural resources.