I want everyone to improve and succeed and help others.

I love trees. However, years ago I learned that loving trees was not enough. Wanting a result or having a passion remains insufficient. Any interest in our ideas or leadership has less to do with passion and preferences, and more to do with the clarity of our thinking and the authentic power with which we communicate a plan worth acting on.

The campaign to improve and help others requires tools and strategies.  

All of our parents, coaches and teachers taught us life lessons that resonate to this day: show what’s important by how you spend your time; floss your teeth; check your work; send thank you notes; hustle. The battle-tested lessons and practical strategies in my workshops and presentations stand on the shoulders of our early teachers and build on my experience as a forest analyst, business advisor and entrepreneur. 

We learn through the struggle of study and friction of challenge, followed by moments of introspection and insight.

We can start by seeing the world as it is, and still do our best to manage our lives, families and businesses in terms of leaving this place better than we found it. So, I study and write about how we learn, maintain perspective, develop ideas and communicate plans, and share these strategies with others.

“Brooks is an excellent communicator and makes the information both understandable and interesting.”

“Your presentations were outstanding…I continue to receive high marks…from all quarters.”

“Brooks was a wonderful, entertaining and insightful [speaker]…”

“Brooks Mendell – energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, engagement, etc = perfect! This is the kind of educator that makes a difference…Keep it up!”

Feedback from Previous Audiences

Practical strategies for learning, thinking and leading.

I help individuals and teams leverage simple techniques to think and communicate clearly. My teachings focus on three growth rings:

  • Learning (incoming): how can we filter and capture the information and knowledge that matters?
  • Thinking (internally): how can we process, analyze and organize that information into ideas, insights and strategies?
  • Communicating (outgoing): how can we share these plans, ideas and feedback to help, manage and lead others?

The choices we make and strategies we apply to manage these three dictate our performance and abilities to influence others.

Growth Rings Programs

  • “Are You Planting Trees or Growing Forests?”
    • 20 to 60-minute speeches or online presentations on business strategy and leadership that incorporate examples and stories from the world of forestry.
  • “Growth Rings” events
    • One hour to two-day workshops on learning, thinking, communication skills and leading. Delivered in interactive formats online or in-person.

To learn more or to book Brooks for an event, please contact Heather Clark at hsclark@forisk.com or 770.725.8447.