In 2017, I began submitting and tracking my fiction writing in earnest. How did it go?

  • From August through December, I submitted versions of 11 stories 23 times to 13 different outlets. 
  • By December 31, I pocketed 14 rejections and one acceptance (6.7%).
  • That one story (see below) got picked up and (supposedly) translated into Gujarati and republished in Sarjan Magazine.
  • Also, one of the rejected stories received “Honorable Mention” in an Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine flash fiction contest.

A few of the rejections came with encouraging notes from the editors, which I appreciated and subsisted on to some extent.  (Thank you, Mark and Ron!)

2017 Stories

On October 2ndMicrofiction Monday Magazine published “Art Imitates Death” (microfiction: 87 words; 1 minute read). My thanks to editor Gayle Towell. Please enjoy.