Brooks Mendell delivers 40 to 50 keynotes, presentations, guest lectures and workshops each year for annual meetings, conferences, universities and client events. An award-winning speaker and entertaining and engaging lecturer, Brooks has practiced, studied, taught and published on themes related to:

  • Finance, market analysis, and business strategy in the forest industry and
  • Analyzing and presenting information and ideas, communicating and reinforcing expectations, and managing and leading teams.

In an industry that’s been around as long as forestry, it’s rare that you find someone truly innovative. Brooks is that person…

head of ag and timber investments at allstate

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Brooks is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people I know. His skills could translate to any industry or business. I am thankful that he has chosen the timber and forest products industry to focus his energies…He is a pleasure to work with and makes those around him smarter. 

President at Forestland Capital advisors